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Peony Headband-BEIGE


Buy Beige Peony Headband Online | Hair Drama Company

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Peony Headband – Beige
• Peony headband of beige color is made up of premium quality white, clear and golden pearls and crystal, metal alloy and rhinestones stuck together to give you a good and chic hair accessory.
• Being used premium quality materials, this product is strong and sturdy.
• It gives classic pearls, modern touch in the form of today’s day hair fashion accessory.
• This is a matte finished product which will look elegant on hair.
• It is such a beautiful and indo-western product that it will look perfect on every occasion whether it is a wedding, a date night, fashion show, pool party, beach party, festivals, events, gatherings, etc.
• Due to premium quality materials, this product lasts for longer period of time.
• To maintain it for longer period of time: 1) soak it in cold water and let it dry naturally, 2) do not use soap or detergent or any chemical with it, 3) avoid keeping under direct sunlight.
Peony Headband – Beige color is beautiful, chic and indo-western product which is suitable for every occasion like wedding, date night, parties, events, festivals, shows, gatherings, etc. It is one of the most elegant piece of Hair Drama Company which is pretty popular with youth. It is fusion of modern and traditional and thus goes with any attire. It is made up of premium quality neutral colored pearls and crystals which makes it a sturdy product. It is heavy yet light weighted product that does not feel heavy or itchy. Can be worn for longer period of time without headache or pulling off of hair. Just like all the products of Hair Drama Co, this one too is designed by London based designers who know hair fashion like back of their hands.
To maintain the product for longer period of time:
• Avoid using soap, detergent or chemical on it
• Keep away from direct sunlight

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