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We believe in creating aspirational pieces that exude a personal style statement for each woman who wears it in her own distinctive way. Each piece becomes unique, waiting to come alive when worn.

Disney x Hair Drama Co. collection is inspired by the dramatic and classic Disney characters. To create vibrant and joyful designs we have merged iconic characters of Disney into each hair drama piece.

Our products are conceptualized in London by designers who specialize in hair jewelry. The designs artfully incorporate a range of materials and fabrics such as crystals, metal, chains, leather, lace, velvet and satin. Thorough product engineering and research has been done in order to ensure that each product defines perfection in both quality and comfort. We look forward to adding a little drama to your life.


Priyanka Sanghi

CEO & Founder

In an exclusive interview with Thinking Aloud, Priyanka Sanghi, Founder - Hair Drama Compnay, talks about her business and the change in the eCommerce industry.

Foremost, I would call this era as an evolution of the consumers of fashion. Last 10 years have been very momentous in the Indian fashion space. There has been a multi-faceted growth that the industry has seen.

Ecommerce has given retailers of all sizes a huge market and customer base to explore. Any brand/ retailer can reach out to its target audience in multiple ways through digital and social platforms, and not just wait for someone to turn up at their shops. Especially the small and medium brands have been at the forefront of this growth cycle. The established brands and retailers are working harder than ever to establish a sense of affinity with their customers because just creating a product is not enough anymore. All social media platforms have created a way for brands and consumers to interact, promote and buy products. Influencer marketing and fashion bloggers have risen to prominence. Availability of essential and luxury items has increased, giving more options and price competitiveness in favor of the customer.

Information arbitrage practices by retailers have disappeared since information is so easily available to the buyers. Especially in women fashion, tastes and preferences have evolved to align with international trends. All these changes are fascinating but present a big challenge for brands and retailers to become and then stay relevant to the consumers.

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