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Try these 5 hair accessories for a poised look at work
Work-life balance is difficult as it is, and added drama from hair really doesn’t help the cause. We all have days when we are literally juggling o...
Try these 5 hair accessories for a glam look at your next party
With the party season around the corner, trying to plan different looks can be daunting. But, you don’t need to worry at all. Just put on some cool...
10 Bachelorette Pool Party Favour Ideas for your Besties
Pool parties are about going ALL out! And they only get better when you are with your #GIRLGANG! Whether you decide to relax on a beach chair by th...
Add some drama to your hair with Hair Drama Co’s wide collection!
Traditional bridal hairstyles like buns and braids are popular amongst brides. Brides never shy away from ‘dressing’ their hair in flowers, gajras ...

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