7 hair accessories that suit Indian hair type

7 hair accessories that suit Indian hair type

7 hair accessories that suit Indian hair type!!!


When it comes to hair accessories, it can instantly dazzle your look. Be it open hair or a simple ponytail, a stylish hair accessory can update your look instantly. From curly locks to straight hair, Hair Drama Co has the right kind of hair accessories for every type of hair. Check out the seven pieces you must own:


1. Bow/Bow clip:


Bow/Bow clip


A cute bow clip can add extra glam to your look. If you are going for the half-tied hairstyle, then this bow clip can be your saviour. It will keep your hair in place while making your hair look chic at the same time! If you have long hair, then this hair accessory is just perfect for you! 


2. Hair comb:


Hair comb


What's not to love about embellished hair comb? It solves the purpose of the hair accessory and makes your hair shine on! For thick hair, it's a must-have accessory, which helps to keep the hairdo in place.


3. Alligator Pin:


Alligator Pin


These pins are so in vogue! From pool party to Halloween party, this hair accessory can work well for any occasion. Style it on one side or put a few pins together. A perfect pick to keep your wavy hair in check. 


4. Turban Bands:


Turban Bands


Curly hair can be troublesome we know! To push your hair backwards, you can wear a turban band and keep your look stylish for the festive season ahead! 


5. Knotted Headband:


Knotted Headband

What's not to love about knotted headband? It's one of the most stylish hair accessories and so on trend! If you have a side fringe or bangs, then this headband can flaunt your haircut in the right way!


6. Elastic Bands:


Elastic Bands


Simple rubber bands are boring and that's why you must invest in stylish elastic bands. From buns to ponytails, these bands can keep your hairdo in place and in style. Be it thick hair or long hair, it's a must-have accessory for every woman.


7. Floral Tiaras:


Floral Tiaras


This fun tiara is all about going extra with your look. From long hair to medium hair, this tiara will add charm to your look. Wear it with pretty dresses and make an impression! 


You can find the range of unique and sophisticated hair accessories to wear on www.hairdramacompanycom. Go visit the website and choose your favorite one. Also, send us your creative pictures to get featured on our Instagram account @hairdramaco.

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