Try these 5 hair accessories for a poised look at work

Try these 5 hair accessories for a poised look at work

Work-life balance is difficult as it is, and added drama from hair really doesn’t help the cause. We all have days when we are literally juggling our lives to make both ends meet; rushing to a meeting after spending a long night preparing for a presentation. And sometimes (okay let’s be honest, more often than note) on those very days our hair is full of static, frizz and completely unmanageable. Most of us, on such days, end up throwing our hair into a messy bun and rush out of the door.

But our hairstyles have to fit into a lot of criteria especially when they are for that on-point office look. We need to ensure that it looks professional, stays out of our face, and does not require constant upkeep.

Don’t worry Hair Drama got you covered. Here is a list of 5 hair accessories for a perfect and poised corporate look at work.

Headband - Add An Instant Glam - To achieve an instant glam, just add a pretty headband! For days you want a mix of both casual and corporate look, just team it with a simple black dress. For a more boho and festive look, pairing it up with a flowing Kurti or casuals will be apt.

Hair Clips - Clip Up In Style - Take a casual outfit up a notch! This ultimate luxury accessory is apt for any girl who wants to flaunt her fashion and enhance her chic and poise. Just clip your hair in different style and team up this look with a crisp pastel colour shirt and skirt.

Scrunchies - Tame Your Hair Right - Piling onto barrettes isn't always easy with curls, which is why you should choose scrunchies. Unlike other hair accessories, scrunchies can actually hold thick unmanageable hair and give you a clean look. If you want your scrunchie to stand out, then the trick is to make the top half of your hair into a mini bun with a colourful scrunchie.

Hairpins - Bun It Bold - Secure your buns in place with fancy pins to give your hairstyle a dainty look. Also, the most versatile hair accessories, as you can place various pins in your hair in different ways to look different each time. But, if you want a clean and crisp look, making a bun with fancy pins can do the trick. Another alternative is to use these for a half updo during an office party as well.

Hair Ties - For Perky You - Not only do they give you a cleaner look by keeping your hair back. You can easily hide your second-day grime better than a cloud of dry shampoo. They instantly make you look put-together without all the labour of styling with hot tools

From that messy look to achieving effortlessly stylish but sophisticated hairstyle, these 5 stylish hair accessories are a must-try.

These simple updos will instantly make you feel lighter and more relaxed. Your hair will be well tamed, and still, look super cute. That’s definitely a double win. If you haven't tried these easy and cool hairdos, try them today. So, check out the entire range of chic and trendy headbands by Hair Drama, you’ll find something worth falling in love with instantaneously!

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