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10 Bachelorette Pool Party Favour Ideas for your Besties

10 Bachelorette Pool Party Favour Ideas for your Besties

Pool parties are about going ALL out! And they only get better when you are with your #GIRLGANG!

Whether you decide to relax on a beach chair by the pool or soak your legs into the pool while sipping on some champagne or enjoy indulge in some fun pool games, pool parties are always a HIT if done right. 

These days the decor at these parties is worth a watch- from flamingos to parasols the decor elements are whimsical, innovative, and unconventional. However, if you are scouting ways to make your Bachelorette pool party stand out, you need to add some more oomph into the occasion, something other than the decor, the appetizers, and the cool swimsuits.

Pool party favours for your bridesmaids are a great idea to add some excitement amongst your besties. I mean, who doesn’t love gifts? 

Here are 10 items that you could consider while preparing the ultimate Bachelorette pool party hamper:

1. Hair accessories

Hair Drama Co. has a range of hair accessories for every millennial girl. From hair coils to hairpins, from combs to head wraps, there is something for everyone! Who wouldn’t want to flaunt these pretty turban bands and exquisite pearl bands?  The best part is that your bridesmaids can wear these chic accessories on a variety of occasions, making them look chic contemporary.

2. Handmade Luxury Soaps

Imagine handcrafted soaps that look like actual food items!
Sounds enticing, right? Whether it is cutesy cupcakes, popsicles or other unconventional shapes, The Sassbar has it all. You could choose from a plethora of these colourful and whimsical soaps, to add extra fun to the bridesmaid hamper.

3. Bikini Bag

Winter season means dry and rough skin and lips. It is best if you can add a couple of these to the bridesmaid pool party hamper. 

Scouting something useful to give to your besties? Choose this cute and handy waterproof bag for your friends to put in their bikini after a swim. 

4. Lip Balm

Winter season means dry and rough skin and lips. It is best if you can add a couple of these to the bridesmaid pool party hamper. 

5. Fragrance candles

These cutesy fragrance candles are a delightful favour option for any millennial bridesmaid. After all, who can resist having these at their homes?

6. Personalised Flipflops

A favour option that your bridesmaids can start using right away. These personalised flipflops with the names of your besties written on them are a perfect idea for a pool party favour.

7. Personalised hat

No one likes their face to be tanned, especially if they are attending your wedding sometime soon.

8. Sippers

From using them to hydrate themselves during a jog or for carrying a healthy drink to work, there are innumerable ways that this sipper can prove to be useful to your bridesmaids. 

9. Sunglasses

Ditch getting blinded by the sun on your pool party and gift your bridesmaids these cool shades.

10. Tote Bags

Lastly, if you want you can put in all these goodies into a super-cute flamingo tote bag and give them to your besties.

So, all set to surprise your bridesmaids with these gifts?

Images source: Pinterest (unless specified)

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