Add some drama to your hair with Hair Drama Co’s wide collection!

Add some drama to your hair with Hair Drama Co’s wide collection!

Traditional bridal hairstyles like buns and braids are popular amongst brides. Brides never shy away from ‘dressing’ their hair in flowers, gajras and other ornaments. Nowadays, a lot of couples are hosting boho theme parties and pool parties as a part of their pre-wedding celebrations. The vibe matches the theme and everyone is dressed in boho-chic outfits. If you are considering to host such a party too, there are a few things that you should keep in your mind. For example, you cannot just wear a floral dress, a pair of flip-flops and show up at your own party. Also, what about your hair? You cannot wear a loose flower in your hair and call it ‘boho-chic’. You need the right hair accessories to nail the look! You can purchase beautiful hair accessories at Hair Drama Co.

Hair Drama Co brings out the old-world nostalgia Circa 1920s’ headwear charm but is designed in a modern form and function. Each piece becomes unique, waiting to come alive when worn. Their products are conceptualized in London by designers who specialize in hair jewellery. Yes, that’s a thing! So without further ado, 

Here are some of my favourite products from Hair Drama Co-

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