4 DIY Hairstyles to style with the headwrap and turban bands!

4 DIY Hairstyles to style with the headwrap and turban bands!

Img Source: http://everythinggirlslove.com/how-to-a-rock-fashionable-head-wraps/

Bored of the same old hairstyles? We feel you! If you're looking for some #hairinspiration for this New Year, then we've got your sorted. With Hair Drama Co's turban bands and headwraps, you can give your hair a makeover with the below hairstyles:

The plain Jane:

Img Source: https://thewrap.life/

The plain Jane is one of the cutest yet simplest ways to wear the headwrap. Be it curly hair or straight hair, you can easily slip on the elastic headwrap over your hair to make a statement. To get a bit of volume, you can push the headwrap and get a puff at the front. If you have bangs, you can push it back or leave it as it is. 

The gym look:

Img Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/180425528794960580/?lp=true

Working out can be sweaty and messy. So wearing a headwrap with the ponytail could be the most feasible ways to wear a headwrap. You will appreciate a headband that is easy to wear and keeps the hair away from your face. We suggest you pair it with paisley-headband by Hair Drama Co.

The super Chic Bun look:

Img Source: https://devoutfashion.com/40-goddess-locs-styles/

The bun is always fun. There are two ways to style a headwrap with the bun. One way is to tie the wrap around your forehead which will go all the way back around your neck. This will give you a cool and quirky look. The second way is styling a headwrap with the bun is to tie it around the chick bun. Whether you wrap your bun with a headband or use a subtle and decorative metallic headband, this look will elevate a simple bun from ordinary to chic! 

Flower girl look:

Img Source: https://www.flipkart.com/advance-hotline-colorful-floral-tiara-head-band/p/itmf3vduguphhmhd

Peace, Love, Floral. Perhaps floral headband is one of the easiest and cutest ways to pull off a flower girl look. Just put it across your forehead and you are good to go. It gives you retro feel and looks adorable. Whether you have long and luscious locks or a short bob, you can style your hair up or down because this look will be perfect either way with one of our Floral Headband.


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