Five hair resolutions you need to make NOW!

Five hair resolutions you need to make NOW!

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Want your hair to be the best in 2019? Then, you need to up your hair game! If you're planning a better New Year, New You, then we've got a list of resolutions to need to make for your hair. Follow these five easy resolutions, which will give you healthy and gorgeous locks in 2019:


1. Sleep in silk pillowcases

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Believe or not, your pillowcase can make a lot of difference to your hair. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase can cause frizz and breakage. To prevent all this, you must invest in silk pillow covers. It will help to keep your hair hydrated and prevent damage and frizz!


2. Get regular hair trimming

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Regular trimming helps you to keep your hair healthy. It prevents split ends, which will also help to boost hair growth. By regular trimming, you can prevent breakage and thinning of hair!


3. Clean your hair tools and brushes

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Just like you need to clean your make-up brushes, you need to clean your hair brushes and tools too! They can hold a lot of bacteria, which can be bad for your hair and scalp. As per the experts, one should clean their hairbrushes every week to get rid of hair and product build-up. 

4. Scrub your hair

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Along with oiling, you must also exfoliate your scalp! Invest into a good scalp scrub and use it on a weekly basis. It will help to boost hair growth and prevent dandruff and product build-up. 


5. Change your towel

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Every towel is not made for your hair and that's why you need to invest in a good towel. The best one for hair is a microfiber tower, as it helps to prevent breakage. Such towels easily absorbs water, which helps in drying hair faster, while maintaining your hair's moisture. 


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