4 hair styling accessories

4 hair styling accessories

4 hair styling accessories for a quick makeover!!!

Tired of the same old hairstyle and want to try a hair makeover that won't burn a hole in your pocket? Don't fret! We've got you covered. Hair Drama Co brings you some beautiful, affordable and elegant hair styling accessories that will give your hair a quick makeover.


1. Cinderella Head Band:

This Cinderella headband is perfect for a weekend getaway. Ditch your basic hairdo with this stylish headband that will update your look instantly. Worn in seconds, this white headband will get you all the attention! 

Img Source: https://hairdramacompany.com/collections/headbands/products/cinderella-headband

Img Source: https://www.rediff.com/fashion/report/11-hair-styling-accessories-for-a-quick-makeover/20141216.htm

2. Escher Knot Turban Band:

This turban band goes well with any outfit. From your little black dress to casual jeans and tee combo, this hair accessory can jazz up any look! Be it straight hair or curly locks, the turban band can be worn easily. It will keep your hair in place and look cool at the same time!

Img Source: https://hairdramacompany.com/products/eschers-knot-turban-band-natural

3. Trendy Hair Band and Scarf:

Love wearing scarves but find it too hard to make it sit on your hair? Don't worry, we've got the right hair accessory for you. Hair Drama Co's scarf hair band will solve your purpose of any hair-scarf hairdo. It can easily be worn in seconds and will look just like a wrapped scarf around your hair.

Img Source: https://hairdramacompany.com/collections/headbands/products/printed-embellished-headband

Img Source: https://www.rediff.com/fashion/report/11-hair-styling-accessories-for-a-quick-makeover/20141216.htm

4. Scrunchie hair coils:

One of the best hair accessories has to be the hair coils. These little hair coils have been a rage for quite some time now. They don't damage your hair and leave a crease mark like the elastic bands. They come in a variety of colours and can give your updo a chic makeover.

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