6 elegant winter hair accessories by Hair Drama Co

6 elegant winter hair accessories by Hair Drama Co

6 elegant winter hair accessories by Hair Drama Co!!!

Winter is a fun season for the women who love experimenting with their hair. Undoubtedly there are some days where you have rough, unruly and messy hair. And believe us we know how hard to wake up on these days let alone make hair…right? So, most of us just opt for a messy bun and leave the house.

If you love going overboard and making a bit of an effort, Hair Drama Co brings you some of the best winter hair accessories to style your hair better on each and every day of the winter.

1. Lace cap with red bug:

The black lace cap has blown up the Instagram feed because that adorable little thing makes any outfit trendy. It can go with simple pair of plain white tee-shirt and blue jeans.


Img Source: https://hairdramacompany.com/collections/holiday/products/black-lace-cap-with-red-bug

To make your mood even more cheery, let us add that this lace cap is perfectly suitable for second and third day hair after washing them. Try it with messy low bun or you can also style it with braids, but no matter what it’s a must-have in your winter wardrobe.

2. Round Hair Pin:

Round Hair Pin is lazy girl’s best getaway from making hair style on chilly mornings. Owning a Round hair pin or two could be a real blessing as it has an ability to turn messy and unruly hair into a chic half bun which takes minimal to no efforts. We are pretty sure, you will receive tons of compliments for using these kinds of hair accessories.


Img Source: https://hairdramacompany.com/collections/everyday/products/round-hair-pin

When it comes to metallic hair accessory, the best way to style it is to go for messy half bun and twist them into a lock using the clip as shown below.

Source: Pinterest via wwww.abalancingpeach.com

3. Maroon Pom-Pom Beanie:

To become a cold weather babe, go no further than a Hair Drama Co’s Maroon Pom-Pom Beanie since you do not need to do anything. Just comb your hair once and put it on and you are good to go. The color Maroon goes with any dress you wear and the glitter on the beanie makes it look elegant and stylish.


Img Source: https://hairdramacompany.com/collections/winter/products/maroon-pom-pom-beanie

If you do not want common beanie look of hair down, you can also braid your hair and put the beanie on, just like it is shown below.

Img Source: Luxy Hair Instagram via @alexcentomo

4. Embellished Bow Clip:

The embellished bow clip from Hair Drama Co is one of the most versatile product than you can imagine. It could be used for special occasions, holidays or dates as it adds the girly touch to the whole look. However, to make use of the bow clip for styling your winter hair because it adds discipline and efforts to your anyway unruly hair.


Img Source: https://hairdramacompany.com/collections/hair-pins-combs/products/embellished-bow-clip


Source: Pinterest via @maryorton

We suggest you to wear it with velvet winter jacket to complete the beautiful wintry look. Simply pull the hair from the front and crown of your head into a ponytail at the midway point of the back of your head and lock them with bow clip.

5. Ear muffs:

If we are talking about winter and we don’t talk about ear muffs, then we don’t talk about winter hair styling at all. When you need to show off your beautiful and shiny hair, ear muffs will be your best friend for that day.


Source: www.pinterest.com 

Source: Luxy Hair Instagram via @ellabekind

Earmuffs are the cutest way to keep you just as warm as a hat and keep your locks in the place. To get the best of ear muffs, curl your hair and simply put the ear muffs on.

You can pair them with your winter boots to compliment the wintry look. 

6. Rose Clip:

Own this beautiful and sturdy, metallic Rose Clip from Hair Drama Co and flaunt your winter look with ease. You do not have to do anything apart from putting up a messy bun and locking it up with Rose Clip.

Img Source: https://hairdramacompany.com/collections/hair-pins-combs/products/rose-clip

We love how Rose Clip can dress up a look and make it look like a lot of effort was involved when in reality all it takes is 2 minutes of your day.

What’s your favourite winter hair accessory this season? If you re-create any of our favourites, be sure to tag @hairdramaco on Instagram, we absolutely love seeing your looks!

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