5 Cute studded hair-clips that every woman needs to own

5 Cute studded hair-clips that every woman needs to own

Hair clips by far make the most perfect hair accessory for women who want to create beautiful hairstyles. They are the easiest way to add a statement to your hair for any occasion. A hair clip that is beautifully studded exuberates style and class. They accentuate the hairstyle and can simply be used to hold one side of the hair up behind the ear. Vanity and utility, the ideal match much?

1. HAIR DRAMA COMPANY MIDNIGHT HAIR CLIP - This beautifully studded hair accessory is ideal for a glamorous look on your special days. A sturdy hair clip which is carefully handcrafted with fine detailing. It ensures no hair breakage and holds your hair in place. They compliment well with your attire and give you a look that you desire.

2. HAIR DRAMA FLOWER PINS - Your classic open hair deserves something that will accentuate your style quotient, doesn't it? Just pair your favourite dress with this simple yet elegant mini flower pin. Crafted with sturdy metal and designed to suit the trend, these are sure to complement your dress. They add the right amount of elegance to your overall look.

3. HAIR DRAMA COMPANY BLUSH HAIR CLIP- Beautifully embellished by a crystal stone, these studded beauties can be flaunted either on a special occasion or just any party you attend. These clips are shiny and cute and are neutral in colour, they match perfectly with any attire and give the ideal look for a ceremony, birthday or a wedding.

4. HAIR DRAMA COMPANY AMBER HAIR CLIP - This unique dual-layered impeccably detailed hairpins are sure to get noticed in a crowd. Just pair them up with a dress or gown and transform that routine hairdo into a glamorously dazzled hairstyle. Our unique hairpin collection is a must-have to compliment any look.

5. HAIR DRAMA COMPANY UNICORN HAIR CLIP - A colourful and trendy hair accessories for the ones who love to flaunt some pink. Cute and bubbly, these unicorn handcrafted hairpins are just the right hair accessories to flaunt when you want to enliven your spirits. Beautifully embellished crystals all over the surface. Perfect hair clips to enhance that subtle yet sassy look. Cause no tangling, no breakage to hair.


The versatility and different design collection curated at Hair Drama Company will ensure a new look every day. You can try them on and colour coordinate them too. So go on, add some drama to the otherwise mundane look.

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