Comfort and vanity go hand in hand with these 5 headbands!

Comfort and vanity go hand in hand with these 5 headbands!

When in doubt, just add a pretty headband! The most stylish option to keep your loose hair back. An alternative to the otherwise ponytail, headbands are a perfect cure to your bad hair days. So, whether you opt for a simple black headband or choose the gaudy ornate one, this hair accessory is sure to grab some attention. With the current headband trend, which is focused on the velveteen pieces that stand out from a distance as well. These embellished headbands will simply jazz up a party or even a casual outing, it will also complement your overall look for the day.

1. QUEEN HEADBAND BLACK - Beautifully studded with blingy sequence work, this headband is perfect for all those who want a showstopper look in any party. You can pair them with a beautiful gown and you are good to go.


2. QUEEN BEE HEADBAND - Flaunt your elegance with this lace wrapped headband beautifully adorned with a cluster of pearls. A gorgeous substitute for those who want to ditch their veils and look stunning with this dazzling glittery look. The headband is sure to accentuate your wedding look, like the trending dainty floral appliqués.


3. PRINTED EMBROIDERED ORGANZA HEADBAND - An intricately woven, aquatic blue printed organza headband. This light-weighted hair accessory can be ideal for a day party. A glamorous embellishment with a shiny fabric can instantly elevate any hairstyle. These are not only super pretty but easy to wear as well. This hair accessory is sure to be your resort to ultimate gorgeousness. This hair accessory is sure to be your resort to ultimate gorgeousness.


4. BLACK & WHITE KNOTTED HEADBAND - Made with lycra, this black and white knotted headband is just what you need to break the monotony. The knot in the middle makes it look different and stylish too. This hair accessory looks perfect when paired with knee-short plain or floral dress which makes it perfect for parties and date nights.


5. MONOCHROME RAFFIA HEADBAND - A headband that is simple yet classy and will look good for a casual outing or even an office look. You can take a casual outfit up a notch! This ultimate luxury accessory is apt for any girl who wants to flaunt her fashion and enhance her chic and poise like a pop of pretty that will make an ideal pair to that dazzling party dress.

Headbands can beautify your look anytime, anywhere. A super-easy way to transform your looks, and the best part no hassle of styling your hair in complex styles. All you have to do is wear a pretty headband, and you are good to go.

So next time you are confused about how you can look minimalist but classy enough, just pick one from Hair drama Company, and wait for your bag of joy to be delivered at your doorstep.

Our hair accessories bring out nostalgia and are designed with modern form and function. The brand specialises in luxurious, fashionable and distinctive hair accessories. We believe in creating aspirational pieces that exude a personal style statement for each woman who wears it in her own distinctive way!

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