5 Must-Have Head Chains/Halos

5 Must-Have Head Chains/Halos

5 head chains/halos that are must-have in your wardrobe


The hair accessories are getting bigger and better every season. One of the brightest and eye-catching hair accessories are Halos/Headchains. If you love standing out in the crowd and owning up different hair accessories, then you must try Hair Drama Co’s range of Headchains and Halos. 

Here are our five most-stylish and trendiest pieces that you won't be able to keep your eyes off:

1. Behind my back halo:

This Halo serves the purpose of wedding hair accessory, theme party or simply when you are in mood to go overboard with your look. You can wear it from behind as well as from the front. You just have to simply put the halo over your head and you are ready to rock the look.

Tip for Behind my back Halo: Wear it with the floral sundress to make your look unique and stylish.

2. Leaf Head band:

The leaf headband serves the purpose of adding some charm to otherwise plain and boring hair. Attending a casual party or a simple get-together with a few dear ones, this headband is what you need. Wear a simple white dress and a leaf head band and you gonna break hearts and make the heads turn.

3. Crystal Navette Cluster Halo:

This is one of the most beautiful Halos with unicorn-color studded stones. It’s a chic, classy and gorgeous Halo which adds to the beauty of bride. Also, the best part about this Halo is that, it goes with any dress you wear due to its beautiful color.

4. Eva halo:

This is our personal favorite halo as it is nothing but a beautiful slick piece of chain to be worn at the back of the head. It makes your hair look beautiful and adds the sophisticated touch to your attire. Be it a gown, a saree, shorts, jeans or even a lehenga, this Halo goes with everything. You choose, which outfit you want to pair it with.

5. Princess head chain:

The Hair Drama Co has more than 5 types of princess head chains with different color combinations for you to wear whenever you feel like wearing. It will surely add to the glamour factor in to your look.

So, now that we have convinced you to include head chain/halo in your collection, do check out our collection on www.hairdramacompany.com. Also, do tag us on Instagram with our product to get featured on @hairdramaco page 




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