9 Christmas hair accessories that will make you Christmas babe

9 Christmas hair accessories that will make you Christmas babe

Christmas is just a month away and it’s time to be happy. If you love Christmas, presents, family get-together, and some changes in your regular fashion routine, Hair Drama Co has some unique and beautiful hair accessories. So, it’s time to leave out your ugly headbands at home and put on some chic, sleek and elegant hair accessories.

  1. Leafy Silver Hair Pin (INR 225/-):

This metallic Silver Leafy Pin is perfect way to add festive touch to your shiny black / blonde / brunette hair without looking like Santa Claus threw up on you. Also it is very cost effective and easy to put on. This pin can be easily styled with low bun, up-do, braids or even hair down.

  1.  Mystic-blue-floral-pins-set-of-4 (INR 1000/-):

Mystic Blue Floral Pin is a set of 4 chic and petite hair pins to add floral touch to your hair.  They will look beautiful and will add to the Christmas touch to your new look. Take a few strands of hair from the side section of your hair and lock them up behind with Floral pins like it is shown in above image.

  1.  Hair shimmer (INR 415/-):

Hair Shimmer are gaining popularity with every passing season. Thus, you must try hair shimmer look this Christmas for your get-together / Party. It will make your hair look fancy and stylish. If you are someone who likes experimenting with your looks every festive season, then Hair Shimmer is the perfect Hair Drama Co product for you.

  1. Bugs-beanie (INR 749.25/-):

While having high-spirits of Christmas, one cannot forget it brings hell lot of cold with it. Thus, to protect your Christmas hair and spirits, try Hair Drama Co’s Red Bugs Beanie. Simply put it on your head while you roam around with your family to watch Christmas decoration of the city.

  1. Silver-lining-head wrap (INR 1599/-)

Why not go for Christmas with this gorgeous Silver Lining headwrap? This product is perfect for theme parties and can be paired with Little Black dress, little white dress, red flare pants or even simple jeans, jacket and boots. No one will forget the Christmas party you throw with your new style statement.

  1. Floral-rubber-band (INR 599/-):

Not in a mood to keep your hair down? Is bun too much? Wanna try something easy and quick? Well, Hair Drama Co has got that covered too. Just tie a ponytail with Floral Rubber Band and raise your festive spirits. The Floral Rubber band has green, red and white in it which will make your mood even more Christmas-y.

  1. Triangular-silver-hair-pin (INR 524.25/-)

This triangular Silver Hair Pin brings the change you want in your look. If you want to reference with winter wonderland outside while still looking elegant, this beyond-delicate hair accessory from Hair Drama Co is your go. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Yellow-headband (INR 799/-)

Yellow Headband is the product that will outshine each and every Christmas look you tried in past. It is easy to wear, stylish and cost-effective. Ditch the rainier headband and try this new yellow headband, and not only you but your girlfriends will love it too.

  1. Bow-denim-headband (INR 599.25/-)

And if you want to go big, we say go for it in a bold Denim bow Headband. It is retro and catchy in the best way, especially when paired with a bright lip and winter-white sweater. Need we suggest you any more tips? We don’t think so because we know you will look at your best, after all it’s Christmas look we are talking about.

Choose your favorite Hair Drama Co accessory, put it on and be the Christmas babe. Take a few pictures and put it on your Instagram. Do not forget to tag @hairdramaco to get featured on our Insta account.

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