Best Hairstyles to Style With Beanie

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Best Hairstyles to Style With Beanie

Posted on 17 December 2018


Approaching winter can take a toll on your hair. Keeping your hair protected in the chilly weather is a key rule during climate changes. Saving it from harsh wind to moisturizing your hair, it's also that time you hate washing your hair again and again. If you hate hitting the shower and want to have a good hairdo, then Hair Drama Co accessories can come to your rescue and keep your mane in check. Here are a few hairstyles you can try with our coolest beanies:


Retro curls

If your hair is oily around the scalp area and you want to indulge in a stylish hairdo, then try this hairstyle. All you need to do is curl from the middle section to the ends. This way you can cover the oily scalp with a stylish beanie and show off your curls.


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The side braid

A loose side braid looks effortless and can be easily made in five minutes. If your hair is oily, spritz some dry shampoo and make a braid of your style. To get that effortless look, pull the braid from both the sides to give volume. You can experiment from fishtail, french to even a dutch braid and make your hair look cool with the beanie. 


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Super straight 

You can also go for straight hair under the beanie. This hairdo will make you look polished and sleek. You can also add a bit of shining spray to make your hair gleam. This way you will be cosy and stylish at the same time. 


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Beach waves

One of the easiest hairstyles for wavy hair is this one. To get easy beach waves at home, apply a curl-defining cream and scrunch your hair with your hands repeatedly. Once done, spritz some holding spray to make your hairdo last longer.

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