On-Trend Balayage Hair

On-Trend Balayage Hair

Balayage is currently trending in the hair colour world. A French word meaning ‘to sweep’or ‘to paint’, balayage creates a sun-kissed, natural gradient to your hair. The basic idea of this technique is that less is more, creating a soft and natural look to your hair.

Mainly, Balayage is applied to the surface of the hair only. It is a freehand technique because no foil is used to create the highlights. This is what gives the overall colouring a very natural and sun kissed look.

It’s a great look for light-haired as well as dark-haired women. A popular combination is dark browns paired with warm golds – more popularly known as a ‘bronde’. Balayage pretty much works for all lengths except very short cropped hair.

An expert hand gives you a longer time with this timeless, classic dye job. Balayage gives a gorgeous healthy finish that looks nature-enhanced, glossy and expensive.

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